Negotiating For Buyers

The best contracts often involve additional seller concessions that can make up the best deal available for the buyer.

Helping buyers interested in Buying A Home In Orange County to locate the ideal property is my passion. And even more than that, I just love helping buyers to get the best purchase price with optimum terms. When negotiating for buyers, price isn’t the only thing to consider. The best contracts often involve additional seller concessions that can make up the best deal available for the buyer.

As my client, you can rest assured that I will spend copious amounts of concerted effort and time to collect all of the market data necessary for prevailing in the price negotiations arena. What data is involved? Current listing prices and pricing for properties that have been sold in the same neighborhood are used for determining what the current market’s competitive nature is.

This is called a Comparative Market Analysis or sometimes a Competitive market Analysis (CMA). A CMA takes into consideration how the property you are interested in buying compares with recently sold area properties that are fairly similar. A CMA helps me with having a firm grip on past data regarding the analysis. Since it could be somewhat inaccurate at the time of negotiations, I will then perform another CMA involving properties that are current so that I have an up-to-date market snapshot. Then I have the ability to make an adjustment in the valuation model, as well as my offer, so that they are a reflection of the market condition, as it exists currently.

Not all real estate deal negotiations revolve around just money. In some cases, a seller may not be able to work with buyers on the price of the property, however there is always the possibility that they could offer some other concessions resulting in a great deal for you when Buying A Home In Orange County. I can help you during these negotiations with the best approach to the best deal.

In addition, multiple counter offers often enter into negotiations. I’ll be with you every step of the way through each and every counter offer and I’ll help you with the task of adjusting your strategy in negotiations to allow for those counter offers.

In some cases, the seller is limited financially and we have no way of knowing those particulars. Just getting a low price could lead to disappointment if the home inspection uncovers issues that the seller can’t afford to repair. So remember, the home purchase process isn’t quite over when a price is inked on a contract. Bear in mind that what looks like a great deal at the onset could become somewhat inflexible following an inspection.

So that I can properly advise you at all times during price negotiations, I must stay in constant communication while also being able to understand your financial capabilities and motivation. That way, I can assist in putting together a strategy for price negotiations that will have optimum likelihood of success.

And, although legally I may not be able to find out exactly why the seller wants to sell, there are a number of things that I can pick up on just from looking at their pricing activity and specific aspects of their listing. This can give me the tools to help you with negotiating from a stronger position. Contact me today, so that I can help you by sharing my expertise, as well as the most recent information about buying a home in Orange County.