Contract To Closing

Remember, unless you're lucky enough to be in a multiple offer position, a buyer-in-the-hand is worth his weight in gold.

Selling Your Home

Once a home purchase contract is signed, sealed and delivered, most of my sellers usually begin to relax and release the stress involved in the selling process and negotiating a contract. I, on the other hand, am ready to move forward with the next phase, which starts with property inspections. Sometimes they can result in corrections by the seller that the buyer requires. I am always ready to help you with dealing with these requirements, whether you were prepared for them or they are a complete surprise. Did you know that disputes about repairs are the most prevalent reason for real estate contracts failing just before closing?

That’s why a major part of my job is helping you with avoiding unpleasant surprises that can accompany post-inspection negotiations regarding repairs. You can count on me to provide any information necessary for anticipating the items that buyers might demand corrections on. Sometimes, however, there are some things that can’t be anticipated until after the home inspection.

There is one thing that I can do to help in preparing you for these areas of negotiating a contract while also leaving you some negotiating room. I can advise you on how to think ahead right from the time of receiving your first offer and take under consideration the home inspection and any subsequent repair negotiations. Even if selling your home seems urgent at the time, going too far with your pricing concessions right at the beginning when negotiating a contract could potentially leave little room to make post-inspection corrections or repairs.

Once the home inspection is done, I will meet with you to examine the reports and build a counter-strategy involving the buyer’s requirements. If you don’t object to their demands, or if the repairs and expense are minor, you could choose to simply agree to their conditions. I can also call on my extensive list of contractors and inspectors to help with providing estimates to help you with coming to an informed decision. On the other hand, should they be extensive and unanticipated, I will assist you with the job of creating a response that could save you money while keeping the buyer moving forward with the transaction, so that you can end up being happy with your net proceeds.

Remember, unless you’re lucky enough to be in a multiple offer position, a buyer-in-the-hand is worth his weight in gold. I promise to do everything that I can to get that buyer all the way from negotiating a contract to sitting at the closing table with pen-in-hand.

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