Home Buying Process

My main goal is to engineer a completely smoot transaction for you, while helping you meet all deadlines.

The home buying process of purchase contract negotiations in home buying in Orange County runs the gamut of stressful to exciting. Although my buyers can begin to relax as soon as the contract has the seller’s signature on it, I certainly won’t have time for relaxing yet. Still to be done are a myriad of additional negotiations, inspections, document deliveries, title details and mortgage undertakings before the closing and that triumphant moment when you get to take possession of the keys to your beautiful new home.

In all, there are actually 50 or more tasks and due dates involved in the average home buying in Orange County transaction, including:

  • Coordinating the appraisal
  • Making sure the appraiser has access to the property
  • Depositing the earnest money
  • Delivering the receipt to the buyer
  • Delivering docs to the title company after contract is signed
  • Ordering a title binder/commitment
  • Assisting buyers with ordering inspections
  • Coordinating access for inspections
  • Making sure inspections are completed on time
  • Helping buyers with document, inspection or contingency negotiations
  • Coordination of document delivery with the mortgage company
  • Monitor the status of all title company processing

I am responsible for the constant monitoring of the entire document deliveries. I check all of the steps forward vs. the contractual deadlines in place. The majority of this activity takes place behind-the-scenes so that you don’t have to be bothered with it. Through all of this, my main goal is to engineer a completely smooth transaction for you while helping you to meet all of the requisite deadlines. I won’t bother you with actions or documents that need to be taken unless it’s absolutely necessary to move the transaction forward to a closing that is successful.

There are numerous companies and individuals involved in each and every home buying in Orange County transaction. They usually include two agents, appraisers, attorneys, lenders, loan underwriters, mortgage brokers, surveyors, a title company, and sometimes others. Every one of them has their own singular duties that they are concentrating on, so that they can do a good job on every individual transaction. It’s important to remember, however, that they are only focused on their specific part in the deal. On the other hand, I am your emissary for bringing everything together. I am always coordinating all of the individuals and their activities just for you.

Those are just some of the highlights of coordinating every step of the way toward your closing. I am responsible for meeting all deadlines, as well as keeping your transaction on point and avoiding any possibility of a default in the terms of your contract. I’m here to do all of this for you to ensure that all your bases are covered and your real estate closing goes smoothly.

Now that you understand the buying process, a home search would be your next step.