Marketing Your Home

The fact is that my real estate website is better than the majority of them at showcasing listings for my sellers.

How I Get Your Home Sold

When it comes to marketing your home in Orange County online, there tends to be a great deal of hype to wade through. There seems to be a website for every agent. The fact is that my real estate website is better than the majority of them at showcasing the listings for my sellers. In addition, I have to admit that I have some expertise in the area of search engine optimization (SEO). Through excellent SEO practices, my site gets the highest possible SEO results, resulting in a higher rate of targeted visitor traffic, which equates to more sales.

On the other hand, a single website can probably only enjoy a tiny percentage of all of the many searches that buyers execute when they look for local homes for sale. And, the reason for this is that hundreds of thousands of sites devoted to real estate exist on the web today and every one of them is fighting to get visitors. Another significant fact is that they’re all probably utilizing one of only five or six major search engines for their search.

The primary reason that I am telling you all of this is so that you can understand all about syndication and its infinite power. I regularly spend considerable time, effort and financial resources on the syndication of your listing info to numerous websites devoted to real estate. They regularly receive heavier traffic than websites that contain just local real estate. The systems that I have in place will get your listing featured on real estate sites by the dozens and they include Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo and many more. In addition, they will get there within just days of when your listing goes live!

What I’m saying to you is that I don’t rely on just my own website’s excellent SEO exposure for selling your home. Every one of the other websites where your listing is syndicated will be linking back to the complete listing for your home on my site. That way, I can effectively market your home in Orange County after attracting targeted visitors from those other major websites.

And, when they get to my site, I give them what they want instead of just letting them take a quick look and then leave. I give them special information regarding your property and the local real estate market, as well as an offer of a showing, and I get their contact information, too. Once I have the ability to contact them directly, the chances are increased that I can be successful at marketing your home in Orange County to them.

To get your listing ready for my site and this syndication, taking expert photographs of professional quality is the first step. They must provide the optimum showcase for your home because creative images are crucial when it comes to online marketing. According to recent surveys, more than any other real estate listing feature, potential buyers place maximum value on images that are of the highest quality.

And, when it is deemed appropriate, we will provide a virtual tour of your home. Other research has shown that still photos are the best marketing tool for certain properties, slide shows for others and a video with voice-over or music for some other properties. I promise to work closely with you to put together the optimum marketing style for showing your home in the very best light. Then, we will add text that is professionally written and includes fields of information that showcase every single feature of your home and bring it to the forefront for potential buyers.

Proof positive of all of this are the numerous referrals that I have received from satisfied sellers. Those referrals are a major part of my real estate business. Hesitating won’t get your home in Orange County sold, so contact me today to get started.