Living In A Gated Community

Living In A Gated Community

Living In A Gated Community

A gated community is a neighborhood that is enclosed by fence or wall, surrounding the entire community- with a gated entrance. Some gated entries have a 24 hour guard, and some just have a security gate.  Many people choose to buy a home in a gated community because of the many benefits. Others choose no gates, because of a few drawbacks. Is living in a gated community for you?

Perception of living in a gated community

 While you are house hunting, keep in mind the key advantages of living in a gated community.  This will help you determine if life behind the gates is worth it.  Although the perception exists that gated communities are expensive, they actually come in many price brackets and housing styles.  Gated communities are no longer just for the super rich or wealthy.  There are less-expensive gated communities that might just fit the bill.

Security in a Gated Community

If feeling secure in  your neighborhood matters the most to you, being surrounded by gates might be a priority, however not all gated communities have the same features and crime statistics vary by region.  There are usually extra security measures taken to ensure the safety of the residents.  It’s not unusual to see security cameras in a gated community or neighborhood watch groups.  Gated communities typically have a lower crime rate than other non-gated neighborhoods and communities.  Also, because of the gates and walls, homeowners experience a more private and secluded living experience.


If you like to be active or entertaining guests is a priority, living in a gated community might be the choice for you.  Some of the larger gated communities offer amenities like golf courses, tennis courts, pools and clubhouses.  Some communities even offer lakes with boat docks.  Gated communities regularly coordinate sports activities like golf and tennis tournaments, and neighborhood parties, too.

Eco-Friendliness and Surroundings

Today, many gated communities are green neighborhoods where the focus is on designing homes for energy efficiency, using advanced building science with eco-friendly materials to promote things like water conservation, indoor air quality, and just healthier living in general.  They are able to do this by integrating natural sources of energy, such as solar, wind or water, into the architectural design of a home.  Traffic and noise are also taken into consideration, when planning and building gated community homes.  Since you are enclosed from other outside neighborhoods and areas, you generally don’t hear a lot of noise from roads and other outside sources.


Gated Communities In Orange County

Gated Communities In Orange County

Here in Orange County, we have many different gated communities, suited to all lifestyles and homeowners.  Please click here, to search for more information on specific gated communities in Orange County.  Contact Ron Evans today, to set up your consultation.  We are ready and available to assist you in your next gated community homes search.


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