How To Choose A REALTOR®

How To Choose A REALTOR®



Since way back when good old Hannibal started considering finding a bigger area to house his many elephants, the list of questions to ask real estate agents hasn’t really undergone much change. His first impulse was to choose the Roman Empire, but that didn’t really pan out for him according to history.

If he had simply consulted an experienced real estate agent, he could have possibly picked a more appropriate piece of property and history would have been forever altered. This is just another prime example of how important it is to retain the right real estate agent, but first you have to ask a few pointed questions. So, following is a five-question list to help you with interviewing an Orange County Real Estate Agent. Bear in mind that there are no absolutely hard and fast correct answers in this. In fact, if there were, eventually all real estate agents interviewed would have memorized each and every one of them anyway, so what would be the point, right?

On the other hand, the prime goal of this list is providing an easy method for comparing each contender’s individual response, while also serving to provide a bit of info regarding what state the real estate market in Orange County is currently in. It should also give you the opportunity to see just how functional the communication between the prospective agent and yourself is. Then you should know if he or she fully understood your questions and if the resultant answers were crystal clear. It’s of crucial value for you and your real estate agent to be on the same page, so here’s the list of five questions to ask your Orange County Real Estate Agent:

What is your experience?

First ask your potential agent how long he or she has been working as an Orange Real Estate Agent. Knowledge of all the specific features of the real estate market in Orange County and your specific neighborhood is obviously an important quality for any REALTOR®. Technical glitches that could spell trouble can be avoided when agents have in-depth industry experience in their background.

What success have you had?

Next, ask the prospective agent how successful he or she has been during the past year. It’s always important to know the number of homes that an agent sold followed by asking about the number that did not sell. If your potential agent has logical reasons for those non-sales, or even says that perhaps another approach to selling them could have helped; then this could show that he or she could be a good choice for an agent. One who proves to be receptive to new strategies and analytical about the selling approach, could turn out to be an excellent choice.

How long does it take?

Ask him or her to hazard a guess regarding the length of time that will be required for selling your property. Part of the answer should include the fact that the current days on the market (DOM) related to Orange County Homes For Sale in the specific category your home falls into only serves as an all-purpose guide for your expectations. The suggested asking price for your home should also be discussed at this time.

What’s your marketing process?

Next, ask your interviewee how he or she will market your home. This should include advertising media in both print and online. It’s a sign of true professionalism when the potential agent brings some recent samples for you to look at for a better idea in this area.

Do you use professional vendors?

And last but not least, be sure to ask if he or she will be taking professional photographs. This is essential for showing your prospect that you are well aware of their importance and will also help by putting them on notice that you feel this particular part of the marketing preparation process is a high priority. It also lets the interviewee know that you will be especially conscientious about preparing your home for the upcoming photo shoot.

Remember, hiring an agent should be treated as a job interview and interviewing multiple Orange County Real Estate Agents is a good idea before making that all-important final choice. I’m hoping that you are including me in the mix and that you’ll Call Me Today!


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