Elevate Your Living Room

Applying Feng Shui Principles with Ron Evans Realty

In the quest for a harmonious home environment, many turn to the ancient practice of Feng Shui. Rooted in Chinese philosophy, Feng Shui aims to create balance and positive energy flow within a space. And what better place to start than the heart of the...


The Lost Art Of Laziness

In our fast-paced world where success often equates to constant hustle, the value of downtime and what some may call "laziness" is often overlooked. However, the ability to disconnect, relax, and spend time in leisure can be an essential ingredient for creativity, personal growth, and overall well-being....


How To Make A Zen Garden
Making a Zen Garden is one way to create a meditative space in the yard. While some gardeners exploit color theory, taking advantage of the calming effect of "cool" colors, such as blue and lavender, you can achieve the same purpose with a more elaborate design for enjoying serenity in the backyard....